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  • Mold Design

    Mold Design With our injection mold design services, we create designs that will serve as the prototype for your products. Just give us your specifications, and we will make the design for you. Upload Your Design Various Plastic Injection Tooling Design We Made Immould is a mould design company that  specializes in injection mold design and has […]

  • Product Design

    Product Design By taking advantage of our plastic part design you could share details about your project. With this feature Immould will cater to any specific design that you can think of. Upload Your Design Your Professional Plastic Prototype Manufacturers Your Professional Plastic Prototype Manufacturers When it comes to creating injection molding products, we make […]

  • Overmolding

    Capabilities Fow mold offers complete custom mold design & has capabilities in making solutions for global clients. Let us create the perfect mold design for you. Upload Your Design mould core Plastic basket mould cavity Plastic basket Mould Manufacturer We make more than 900 sets of molds per year, with total exports to more than […]

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